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Song Lyrics

Open Road

Soul of the Heartland

You’ve got sixth generation wild west blood

Running through your veins

mixed in with the mud

and there’s a wind swept pride won’t be denied

You can feel it in your bones

Wheat fields and cattle far as the eye can see

and all the dreams you’ve worked for no

they don’t come easily

but you’re right where you belong

what makes you strong

that heaven you call home

In the soul of the heartland

You know this is good land

Never far away from a helping calloused hand

and if we can’t we know Jesus can

Oh save the soul of the heartland

Some kids head to California

and leave their boots behind

but some get up every morning

keep this way of life from dying

There is faith and hope

down every dusty road

one rainfall at a time

When you look across the sky

and see what you’ve been given

that sacred ground beneath your feet

and you’re thankful that you’re living

Open Road


The blacktop it can be mean

The horns honking and the tires scream

Always in someone's way

A bunch of people who need a break

That pace is rough but ya gotta keep up

If you really wanna be someone

The lights of the city are neat

But my heart belongs in the country


Where it's just you and me

And this perfect little family

With the tall green grass

The lakes of glass

and your best friends watchin your back

The kids can all run free

And not worry about a thing

That's where I wanna live my life

Yea, In the country side


City folk don't get me

I like to ride in my faded jeans

Surrounded by a sea of green

Runnin wild and free

Don't get me wrong

I know a bunch of people who are city strong

And this just ain't their song,

the country's where I belong


I can don my heels

And I can get dressed up

But at the end of the day I ain't afraid

of working hard in the muck


When it's just you and me

And this perfect little family

With the tall green grass

The lakes of glass

When the kids leave home

they'll wanna come back

and raise a family

Just how it's meant to be

That's where I wanna live my life

Yea, in the countryside 

nose 2.JPG

Lost Amen

Even though I’ve never seen

water turning into wine,

Doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen

once upon a time,

While I’m down here on this earth,

Walking on this dirt, I still pray

Sometimes when life is coming at ya

a hundred miles an hour

It’s easy to forget to lean

into your higher power

When everything’s a blur

and faith is just a word, I still pray


Couldn’t find it in the whiskey

Couldn’t see it through the smoke

But I know it’s out there somewhere

Buried in blind hope

I throw my prayers to the wind,

Till they come back again,

Searching for my lost amen


I keep trying to find the reasons why

for all my twists and turns

I keep trying to ride the rapids

under bridges that I’ve burned

Through all the broken hearts,

Slamming doors and battle scars,

I still pray

Amen to the hard roads wherever they may lead

Amen to the mem’ries still in front of me

Amen wherever it might be

American Flag

Best Things

are you feeling in your heart

Like the world is falling apart

Like you could run 

but you won’t get far

Oh I‘m there with you 

Have you felt like giving in

Like its a battle you can’t win

So what’s the point of fighting it

Oh I been there too


But let me tell you one thing honey

The best things can’t be bought with money

If I told you everything

In life that matters most to me

It’s Jesus first then family

My country and our liberty 

I hope we don’t forget to see 

All of these

The best things 


Have you heard those little lies

Whispered in the night

Like you’ll never get it right

I been there too

But the stuff they can’t erase

The world could never take 

God’s love is here to stay

Oh and you can have it too 




Tucking those babies in at night

Seeing your love by candle light

Standing up tall for what is right

Don’t give up till freedom rings

I’m gonna fight for these things 

Holy Bible

Romeos & Juliets

There’s no straight line to my love
You’ve got to make your own path
Climb some walls or tear ‘em down
If you can find out where they’re at
Ain’t love a lot like breathing
You let it in; you let it out
You know fearless hearts survive somehow

We don’t have to wind up broken
Trade our love in for regrets
Leave all those words unspoken
Sleepin’ back to back in bed
We don’t have to make that last mistake
The one we can’t take back
Like all those other Romeos and Juliets

Sometimes I’m cold and restless
Sometimes I’m melting in your arms
Most of the time I’m getting lost
In the shadow of my own heart    
I want to say I love you
And I’d love to hear it too
Ain’t that what fearless hearts will do

And if the thought of love don’t scare you
My love, then you’re not thinking clear enough
But I’m willing to, oh if you’re willing to

Ain’t love a lot like breathing
You let it in; you let it out
You know fearless hearts survive somehow...

Open Road

In the Waiting

I have been waiting all of this time

And I have been praying all along 

For some peace of mind

I thought what I wanted 

Was something right

Turns out what I thought was day

Was really the night 


And all I have needed 

Has been in the waiting 

I found a heart beating

Alive and it’s saying 

I can’t seem to find the end

Of the path I am taking 

Cause it keeps windin on and on and on

In the waiting 


Don’t miss it mother, don’t miss it dear

Don’t miss it child for like a breath

We’re not long here 

In all of my waiting for us to arrive

Life has been quietly passing me by

Green Forest
Desert Road

Comeback Kids

Underdogs, wrong side of the streeters 
Against the wall fightin’ back kinda dreamers 
But we’re right where we wanna be 

Against the odds starin’ down the cheaters 
Stone cold band of believers 
But one day they’re all gonna see 
We’re still standing 

Don’t count us out 
We’re strongest when we’re down 
You don’t wanna mess with a 
Tribe of misfits 
We’re at our best 
When we’re climbing out the trenches 
We’re the comeback 
We’re the comeback kids 

Strike a match and put em all together 
To build a fire that could burn forever 
Even hard times driving rain 
Can’t kill this flame



no matter what they say 
Can’t keep us quiet when we’re pounding on the gates 

Just watch us 
We don’t care how long it takes

Open Road

Well Lived Life

For as long as I can remember

You wore the prettiest thing

A glowing smile was your favorite style

And you showed us how to care

for the simple things

And how to love unconditionally

Lord knows I’m gonna miss all of this


But I know there are reasons

There’s times and there are seasons

And you are where you oughta be

Where there’s no more suffering

But when I meet my Maker

I just might ask Him why

You couldn’t stay another day

So I could say goodbye


For as long as I can remember

You were there to cheer me on

Every game I ever played

Every song I’ve ever sung

And even when I’d mess it up

And make all my mistakes

You were grinning ear to ear

You loved me just the same

Lord knows I’m gonna miss all of this

Well I think that I might know

Why the good Lord called you home

Cause I’d have grabbed your hand

And begged you not to go


But I know there are reasons

There’s times and there are seasons

And I don’t wanna selfishly

Keep you here with me

Because heaven needs an angel

And it’s your turn to shine

Now we’re the ones cheering from the side

And it was sure a beautiful ride

And one well lived life

typorama 4 copy.PNG
Open Road
Sitting on a Bench

I Stay

There’s a part of me that wants to run away
To go hiding from a world that I can’t change
And not worry ‘bout the hearts I’m gonna break
And never come back, never come back

There’s a longing in my soul to find some peace
From the desperation weighing down on me
But the thread I’m hanging by won’t set me free
It keeps bringing me back, it’s taking me back

And it’s for you
I stay, I stay
It’s what I do
Why I pray
So today
I stay

There’s a pain inside that no one really knows
And there’s things I feel that I don’t ever show
When I think that I should finally just let go
And never come back, you keep bringing me back

I wanna wake up, and breathe again
I wanna find some meaning in
This life I have been given to live - oh God
Breathe life in my hollow bones
You are the hope that can anchor my soul
I know You’re holding
So tight and not letting go, no

So it’s for You
That I stay, I stay
It’s what I do
Why I pray
So today
I stay

Open Road


It was just me and mom, I was only three
One perfect day you came along, swept her off her feet
While you were asking her to dance
I asking please, would you be my daddy
and the rest is history
And I remember many nights, sitting on your knee
And all along I’ve held tight to these words you said to me

We’re a family
and that’s all we need
when life hands you a bitter cup
you’ve still got something sweet
in this family
There will always be
a place to lay your head and rest your feet
cause we’re a family

Then I grew up, fell in love
And though he wanted me to stay
One beautiful spring morning
Daddy gave me away
All around were wedding bells, birds singing in the trees
But all I heard was my new love and what he said to me,
I’m gonna hold your hand come life or death and i promise I will love you until my dying breath

It’s joy it’s pain
It’s loss it’s gain
Things I wouldn’t trade

The years are flying by now as we’re watchin you kids
Growing up so fast, like our parents say we did
We hold you close and never want to
Let you go
But as you make your own way we pray you’ll always know

Family Photo Album
Open Road


The moment you were gone
My heart was lost at sea
The air became so thick
It was hard to breathe
Everything stood still
Oh but not the grief
it soaked me to the core
washing over me

And it comes in waves
It ebbs and flows
I stand here
It comes and goes
Daylight fades
The wind still blows
I ask Him why
The good ones go
I know He said you couldn’t stay
But the pain of losing you this way
It comes in waves

I didn’t wanna live a day
Without you here
Cause days have a way of
turning into years
There’s a crater in my heart
I wonder will it mend
And will my aching soul
ever feel whole again

But the pain of losing you that day
It comes in waves

somehow the sun keeps rising
To wake my swollen eyes
somedays I feel for certain
I’m drowning in the tides
But He tells me to hold on
And that He will restore
And hope is like a life line
Pulling me to shore

Cause it comes in waves
It ebbs and flows
And someday I
Will surely know
He catches every
tear I cry
someday I’ll know
the answers why
Why he called me to this shore
And asked me to be brave
said he’ll hold me through the pain
As it comes in waves

Open Road

Playin' it Safe

Times are changin, and there’s a cold cold wind 

We ain’t stayin, here where we been

This doubting heart is finding faith again 

and prayin, like it’s the end

We been sailing close to shore                        

But now we’re headed out where we ain’t been before 


Here we go, We’re on our our way

Don’t know where we’re going But at least we have faith

And when we roll the dice to play

This game of life I know we’re not playin it safe 


Times are changin, and there’s a world of fear

Evil raging, it’s coming clear

And there’s no one place where we’re really safe 

But for Jesus and His sovereign grace 


we’ve cut all the ropes Now we’re feeling the waves 

staring down our disbelief right in the face, sayin

Woman on a Deserted Road
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